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Managing Partner & Co-Founder

His love for the play in the courtroom exceeds everything else. Impressively, Irwan Sumadi was once the youngest criminal lawyer handling death penalty cases in Peninsular Malaysia.

His past experience working in Messrs Gooi & Azura for half a decade, has enabled him to gain thorough exposure and experience in handling each level of the criminal proceedings. This includes the remand proceeding, bail, trial, appeal, watching brief and even the royal pardon. His daily endeavors have made him accustomed to cases under section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act, section 302 of the Penal Code, section 3 of the Kidnapping Act, white-collar crimes and general crimes.

A number of cases argued by him have been reported in the Malayan Law Journal [“MLJ”], Commonwealth Law Journal [“CLJ”] and Legal Network Series [“LNS”]. 

He has also made several appearances as a guest panelist in several television programmes commenting on issues of contemporary crime.

He firmly believes with conviction; everyone deserves a second chance.



Partner & Co-Founder

Athira Kahar was actively involved in real estate as she served as a legal associate at a reputable law firm in Mont Kiara. With deeply invested interest and valuable experience in property and real estate, Athira decided to step out of her comfort zone to ignite the passion in her career. She founded Messrs Athira Kahar & Associates in 2018 at Desa Sri Hartamas, prior to the establishment of Messrs Irwan & Athira.

Being a conveyancer with considerable experience, her portfolio includes but is not limited to corporate and commercial conveyancing practices. By acknowledging the rapid transitions and challenges of the industry, Athira Kahar ensures she is constantly updated with the current market developments and legal trends. She holds pride in her versatility to cater to various housing and financing-related documents, as well as the latest procedures to ensure uninterrupted real estate transactions.




Prior to his call to the bar, Johan Radzi was trained under Mr. AG Kalidas, the then President of Selangor Bar. He was involved in various commercial and sexual cases around the peninsula. His experience is not limited to trial and appeal cases, remand application, bail application, watching brief, and he plays an important role in giving legal consultation to people from all walks of life. Such experience humbled him and opened him a new window of understanding on how the Malaysian legal system works, as well as its implication on various parties involved.

Johan Radzi believes in giving the very best for his clients. A fighter in both the pugilist ring and the legal court, he does not back down from even greater challenges. He understood that in the criminal legal system, an accused person is fighting for his future and freedom not only against the Prosecution, but also against the whole government machinery. Such circumstances are perilous uphill battles, but if it is based on legal arguments and law principles it will definitely pay off.

While not exchanging submissions in court, Johan Radzi is active in both the literary and boxing scene.




Izzati Hassan holds a Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons), Bachelor of Law (Hons), Master of Laws (Commercial Law) as well as a Post-Graduate Diploma in Syariah Law and Practice (DLSA) from Universiti Teknologi Mara.

Her deep interest in law has made her serve as a Litigation/Legal Secretary in a number of legal firms prior to obtaining her LLB (Hons) including Messrs Zul Rafique & Partners, Messrs S.L. Leong Kartina & Partners and Messrs Adam Abdullah & Mani.

Armed with the valuable experiences, she was then called to the bar after having completed her pupillage under the tutelage of Mr. Norazmi Norazman at Messrs Azmi Fadzly Maha & Sim. She then continued to serve at Messrs Azmi Fadzly Maha & Sim as a Legal Associate where she was trained and given the opportunities to learn from experienced senior counsels and partners in general litigation matters, as well as syariah matters.

Izzati has represented clients in Courts at the lower courts as well as the High Court in numerous matters including but not limited to contract disputes, personal injury claims, debt recovery, defamation, land acquisition, bankruptcy and winding up matters.

Izzati understands the pressure and impact of litigation on our clients, and so takes the tension of the litigation from them so they could continue to focus on their business with peace of mind.

Her closeness to the public has also involved her in a series of legal sharings and forums organized by various parties including government bodies as well as educational institutions.

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