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Messrs Irwan & Athira is a growing full-service legal firm founded in Kuala Lumpur by two enthusiastic and big-hearted lawyers.

In early 2022, the great duo have further expanded their wings with the participation of two other learned partners, Johan Radzi and Izzati Hassan.

Our team are competently equipped with progressive and considerable experience in both contentious and non-contentious matters. To ensure our utmost quality, we are willing to go the extra mile in order to further understand and meet our clients’ needs as well as their expectations.

Through a very strong partnership between the four partners, the interdisciplinary team is then highly trusted with extensive experience in all areas of law that is no stranger to the general public. We also provide additional work to better understand and meet the individual needs of our clients with their diverse backgrounds and expectations.

Since its establishment, the firm has earned an excellent reputation for providing appropriate and effective legal solutions to our various clients and business without compromising their best interests. By making the interests of our clients the primary mission of our services, we take full responsibility to ensure that the rights and interests of our clients are always protected without compromising the legal principles of our nation.


  • We focus on our versatility to provide our clients with the best legal representation, assistance and solutions for their unique challenges.

  • Our strength lies in our dynamic and proactive approach.

  • Our philosophy is to always uphold the law while serving justice through clarity.

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